Friends on a boat on Buggs Island Lake, Mecklenburg County, Virginia

Our Tourism Office strives to unleash the Southern Charm of Mecklenburg County, Virginia


Our mission

To ignite wanderlust for our hidden gems and transform visitors into captivated ambassadors.


How We Do It


  • Unmasking local treasures

    We unveil Mecklenburg County’s rich tapestry, woven from vibrant history, breathtaking landscapes, and warm Southern hospitality. From hidden hiking trails and sparkling lakes to charming towns and hidden gems, we guide adventurers to experiences that resonate with their desire to explore.


    Empowering local businesses

    We champion the spirit of Mecklenburg County by nurturing small businesses with marketing and tourism expertise. Together, we cultivate unique experiences that showcase the heart and soul of our community.


    Crafting unforgettable moments

    We weave visitor experiences that engage, inspire, and leave a lasting impression. From stargazing in pristine skies to savoring local flavors on Main Street, we create memories that linger long after departure.

    • Enhancing lives for all

      We believe responsible tourism benefits everyone. By attracting curious minds and adventurous spirits, we foster economic growth while preserving the authentic charm that makes Mecklenburg County so special.


    Join us in making Mecklenburg County, Virginia, the next captivating chapter in your journey. 

    You’ll find more of what matters here.