Urban Slide: ClarksvilleVA

August 11-12, 2023

urban Slide Clarksville Va tickets

Get ready to hurl your body down Virginia ave

Unlimited 2hr slide

Slide All You Want Within A 2hr Time Slot
$ 25 Per Person / 46" Tall or Taller
  • 4 time slots available from 10a - 6p each day
  • Must be at least 46" tall. Children under 46" Tall admitted FREE and must slide with an adult
  • Every slider must have a ticket and signed waiver. Choose the FREE ticket option for anyone under 46" tall. The link to your waiver will appear in your email confirmation. You must sign a waiver for every ticket holder!
  • Tickets sold online only. We will not sell tickets at the gate, however they can be purchased via your mobile device any time

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

The Urban Slide is a 1,000ft vinyl water slide. It is 3-lanes wide and has inflatable sides to keep you on course. It is set up with comfy padding underneath and terminates in a shallow pool to slow you down at the end. The slide recirculates water so you have a nice slippery slope on your way down! The slide is provided by a professional company, ‘The Urban Slide”, who has set this event up in major cities all over the U.S.

Tickets are $25 for any person over 46″ tall. Tickets are sold in 2 hr time slots from 10am – 6pm each day. Children under 46″ tall will still require a ticket, but you will see this ticket is available for free when you check out. You’ll need to secure a ticket for every person sliding in your party. In addition, every slider will require a signed waiver. When you receive your confirmation email, you will see a link that says ‘Click here to sign” for every person you got a ticket for. A signed waiver is REQUIRED  for every ticket holder. YOU ARE NOT DONE IF YOU HAVE NOT SIGNED A WAIVER FOR EVERY TICKET HOLDER. YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED WITHOUT A SIGNED WAIVER.

You will purchase a slide ticket, for anyone 46″ tall or taller. The slide will be open from 10am to 6pm each day. Tickets are sold online only, and in 2-hr time slots. On the day of the event, you will show the attendant your printed or digital ticket along with your waiver and then you will be given a colored wrist band that is assigned to your time slot. After you have checked in and gotten your wrist band, you can begin sliding once your time slot begins. After your time slot ends, your wrist band color will then be considered inactive. We recommend arriving 30 mins to 1 hr ahead of your time slot to get checked in so you don’t lose slide time. 

You may purchase additional time slots during the event, as long as that slot isn’t sold out, but the transaction must occur online. You would use your cell phone to make the purchase and then go check in again for your new wristband.

We recommend arriving at least 30 mins to 1 hour ahead of your slide time to get checked in. Doing so will allow you to use your slide time actually sliding instead of checking in.

  1. Bring either a printed ticket or have your e-ticket ready to present on your phone. Printed waivers are not necessary, as they are signed digitally when you purchase your ticket online. Be sure everyone in your party has a signed waiver!
  2. To protect your device, wallet or other items from getting wet, we recommend placing them in a zip lock bag.
  3. If you are not a minor, bring your ID for verification.
  4. Show up wearing what you will slide in, as there may not be assigned changing rooms. Prepare to get wet!
  5. Bring money for shopping and dining in downtown Clarksville. There are plenty of restaurants and shops in short walking distance from the slide.

Every person is required to slide down on a tube. You can bring your own, or one will be provided for you, courtesy of Integrity Real Estate Team of Clarksville, Va!

We will not have anyone in place to make cash sales onsite, all sales must be through our online ticketing system. If you do not have a way to access the online system in advance, we will help you access it through your mobile device or our own on-site device when you arrive at the gate. Just be sure you have a debit or credit card with you to complete the transaction.

Most footwear is fine, however pool shoes and sandals are recommended. Just be sure to keep your feet up and not drag them while going down the slide, as this will slow you down!

You must be at least 46″ tall to slide independently. Everyone 46″ and taller is required to purchase a ticket. Anyone less than 46″ tall must ride with an adult and will still need a ticket, but it is free. You’ll choose the free option when you choose your other tickets. We’ll need the names of all attendees in your group who are sliding, and each ticket holder will require a signed waiver, which you will receive the link to in your confirmation email.

Wear anything you like, except for jeans or clothing with rivets. Remember, you will be getting wet so dress accordingly.

This is a rain or shine event. We will hold the event as long as there are not threatening weather conditions that could harm you or our staff. This is a Friday / Saturday event so if a weather cancellation occurs for either of the first two days, we will push the make up day to Sunday. No refunds will be given. If the event must be rescheduled due to severe weather, your ticket will carry over to the new date.

Of course! Spectators are free to attend at no cost. 

our slide sponsors are awesome!