Thanks to your support, we put $780K into the hands of our local small businesses in this 3rd round of the Gift Card Match Program!
Through this program, we have now turned over $1M out to our local businesses; Half of that came from you!

Thank you for the incredible support and we hope you will continue to Shop Local!


What's new in round 3?

Round 3 vouchers will be valid beginning 12/1/2020 through 12/1/2021. Vouchers cannot be redeemed before 12/1/2020. Vouchers sold as walk-in purchases at the Chambers after 11/29 will be valid 12/15/2020 through 12/15/2021.

In Round 3, One customer may purchase up to 5 vouchers per business (or $100) and up to $500 per order. This means you can spend up to $100 at up to 5 different businesses – all in one order.

The online store will open each day at 7am EST and will close each day at 7pm EST.

In order to serve people without internet access, we will have a limited number of vouchers available for walk-in purchases at each Chamber of Commerce. Each Chamber will only sell vouchers for businesses located in their zone.  Cash or Check only. The locations are:

Chase City Chamber of Commerce

316 N. Main Street | Chase City, Va

Phone 434-372-0379

Clarksville Chamber of Commerce

105 2nd Street | Clarksville, Va

Phone 434-374-2436


South Hill Chamber of Commerce

201 S. Mecklenburg Ave. |  South Hill, Va

Phone 434-447-4547


Each business will be capped at $6,000 in total sales. Once the cap is reached, sales will end for that business. We may release the cap if we see sales slowing in a particular zone.

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How Does the Program Work?

program summary

When you purchase gift vouchers to our participating local businesses, we will match your purchases (up to $500) for as long as the matching fund lasts. (other limits apply) Gift vouchers are available in $20 units. So, when you buy a $20 unit, you receive a $40 voucher that's good for one year.
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Voucher Assistance

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Voucher Help

When you purchase vouchers online, you should receive them immediately in your email as attachments from ShopLocalVGA.
If you can't find your vouchers:

1. Check your spam or junk folder
2. Send an Email to for help