Round three begins 11.17.20 with a match!


We are thrilled to announce that we are going to offer a THIRD round of the Gift Card Match Program! Just in time for the Holidays!

There are some changes to the limits and rules in Round 3, so be sure to read the Complete Program Description & Frequently Asked Questions before shopping!


What's New in Round 3?



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Do You Qualify?

The program is open to all for-profit, non-franchise, retail, restaurant or service-based small businesses located in Mecklenburg County.
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How Does the Program Work?

program summary

When you purchase gift vouchers to our participating local businesses, we will match your purchases (up to $500) for as long as the matching fund lasts. (other limits apply) Gift vouchers are available in $20 units. So, when you buy a $20 unit, you receive a $40 voucher that's good for one year.
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Who's participating?

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