Is there a limit to how many gift vouchers I can purchase?

Yes. Each customer is limited to purchasing 5 gift vouchers per business. For example, you can purchase 5 vouchers from The Cottage Barn, and then purchase 5 vouchers from Memory Makers and 5 vouchers from Bondurant Distillery. All on one visit, just don’t go over 5 per business.


Do the Gift Vouchers expire?

Yes. The Gift Vouchers expire on May 8, 2021. 


How do I redeem a Gift Voucher?

For every $20 unit purchased, you will receive a unique gift voucher. You must print the voucher out and present it at the time of payment. If you do not have a way to print the vouchers, you can forward them to your local Chamber of Commerce, who will print them out for you.  Each business will be provided with a record each purchase, to keep on file until the voucher is redeemed.


What if I don’t spend the entire amount in one visit?

Once you redeem a voucher, it is up to the business to utilize their own in-store credit process to handle any balances left after a purchase is made. This may be in the form of an in-store gift certificate or gift card or simply keeping a copy of your voucher and the balance. This store credit balance may still fall under the same expiration terms as stated on the voucher (expires 5/8/21). Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash or used for gratuity and change will not be given.


How long will this program last?

The matching part of the program will last until the fund is depleted. Each purchase is subject to verification of matching funds being available. If funds are no longer available to match your purchase, you will be notified by email within 24 hours, at which time you will be re-issued a gift voucher that reflects your actual amount paid, without the match.


Once I purchase a voucher online is the amount guaranteed?

No. The value of the voucher is only guaranteed up to your payment amount. The matching value is subject to verification of matching funds being available at the time of purchase. We will try our best to cut off the sales of matched vouchers once the fund is depleted, however there may be some purchases that occur after that point. You will be notified by email within 24 hours if your purchase cannot be matched. At that time, you will be re-issued a voucher that reflects the amount you actually paid for it.


What if the business closes permanently before I can redeem my voucher?
In order to participate, a businesses must agree to a set of terms and conditions. In these terms, if the business is unable to honor a gift voucher for ANY reason, this includes a closure – they are obligated to refund the full amount of the voucher back to the program. In turn, the program will issue a refund to you in the amount that you paid for it.


Can I get a refund if the business is still open?
No refunds will be given other than in the instance of the business closing.