North Bend Wildlife Management Area

Wildlife Management Areas

Here, we take a closer look at what a Wildlife Management Area is in Mecklenburg County. We’ll see why they are so much more than just hunting areas – they are open to the public year-round and offer unparalleled hiking, biking, bird watching, and horseback riding.  And best of all, nearly all of them are free!


Here is a Complete List of Mecklenburg County’s Wildlife Management Areas:

Total acreage and total approximate length of trails is listed.

*Please Note*  These are very wild areas, and the trails, while regularly cleared and easy to follow, are not marked and thus some basic outdoor hiking skills are needed to safely navigate each area and return back to your car/boat. Each WMA is easily accessible via car with at least one designated parking area. WMA’s are also accessible from the water, however the shoreline is rough in most places and care must be taken to properly secure your vessel.

Please treat all WMA property as you would a national park, and respect any natural or historic artifacts you may come across.  Please also follow the Pack Out what you Pack In rule to keep them clean for all users.

Managed by DGIF

Click on a WMA below to view a detailed Google Map:

Dick Cross WMA > (fee use area)

1,400 acres – 8+ miles of trails
Managed by Virginia State Parks

Occoneechee WMA > (fee use area – part of Occoneechee State Park)

2,135 acres – 7.5 miles of trails
Managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (zoom in to see trails)

Beaver Pond Creek WMA >

720 acres – 5.0 miles of trails (photo gallery)

Bluestone WMA >

620 acres – 4.0 miles of trails

Buffalo WMA >

610 acres – 3.3 miles of trails

Cedar Grove WMA >

305 acres – 2.8 miles of trails

Eagle Point WMA >

435 acres – 3.9 miles of trails

Greenwood WMA >

295 acres – 3.7 miles of trails

Island Creek WMA

575 acres (shared with NC) – no established trails

Ivy Hill WMA >

775 acres – 3.7 miles of trails

Liberty Hill WMA >

265 acres – 3.4 miles of trails

Lower Butcher Creek WMA >

285 acres – 1.1 miles of trails

Merifield WMA >

615 acres – 2.6 miles of trails

Oakleaf WMA >

400 acres – 2.4 miles of trails

Old Soudan WMA >

228 acres – 1.2 miles of trails

Rudd’s Creek WMA >

205 acres – 0.8 miles of trails

Wall Branch WMA >

210 acres – 2.1 miles of trails

Still want more information?  Here’s a link to the official U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Kerr Reservoir Wildlife Management Areas brochure, with detailed maps, usage and hunting guidelines, and more!