Kayaking Meherrin River

Meherrin River

Meherrin RiverThe unique, historic Meherrin River is waiting to be rediscovered by new generations visiting Mecklenburg County for the first time.

The Meherrin River marks the northern border of Mecklenburg County, separating it from Lunenburg County. Although just miles from Kerr Lake, it has its own watershed and takes its own special journey to the ocean, completely separate from the better-known waters of the Roanoke River.

In 2013, the section of the Meherrin River bordering Mecklenburg and Lunenburg was officially awarded the coveted designation of State Scenic River by the Scenic Virginia organization.

Whittles MillThe Whittle’s Mill dam, located at the Max B. Crowder Memorial Park and managed by the nearby town of South Hill, offers a great public access point to the river, and marks a physical separation of the upper and lower sections of the waterway. 

Easy canoe and kayak access is available both above and below the beautiful dam at Whittle’s Mill, which in some form has been documented all the way back to the mid-1700’s. Check out our canoe and kayak page for more information.

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