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Get to Know Mecklenburg
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Kids swimmingMecklenburg County is a popular getaway destination because it offers a chance to enjoy life the way it should be. It’s a peaceful and friendly place to spend a few days. It’s known for abundant outdoor recreation opportunities, especially on the rivers and lakes, but it also has a rich history and several small towns worth exploring.

  • I-85, which passes through the eastern portion of the county, is the only stretch of interstate highway in Mecklenburg. We have many more miles of lake shoreline than highway.
  • Visitors come to Mecklenburg County as a retreat from the stress of life in an urban area. Fortunately, we have more public boat launches than stoplights. We believe we have our priorities just right.
  • Families with children sometimes need an order of chicken nuggets and fries. Most of the well-known brands can be found in Mecklenburg County, but overall, you’ll find more locally-owned restaurants and diners than chains. Some of the local restaurants are using locally sourced ingredients in their menus.

Consider Mecklenburg County to be a modern-day adventure of exploration. Whether it is by boat searching for a quiet fishing cove, or on foot wandering the multi-purpose trails of our 9,000 acres of Wildlife Management Areas, or in an automobile cruising the peaceful back roads on your way to a winery or historic site, there are many treasures waiting to be discovered.